Friday, June 27, 2008

Back in Dubai

Less than a week has passed since i arrived in Jeddah and i found myself back in the streets of Dubai sitting under the refreshing shade of an olive tree by the roadside. I sat sipping a glass of mango-avocado. My butt was resting on an old dilapidated plastic chair and in front of me, a round makeshift table made of timber wrapped around the trunk of the large tree. Its long stretch of branches and leaves is an oasis in this desert place. The temperature beyond the imaginary boundary outside the shade of the olive was probably 41 degrees celcius. I felt the warm wind blew on my face as I sat there watching the world slowly pass by. Just like what dad and I used to do back in one of the coffee shops in Ongpin. I heard the mosque sirens and the usual greeting of 'Asalamu Alaikum' (peace be with you) as the muslim prayers start. Men paraded their personal-size carpets as they march toward the mosque. One by one they lay the carpet on the floor, some on the road pavement as they sat on them outside the mosque to pray and meditate.

I sat there waiting for something...but not quite sure what it was...

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